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LISTEN TO LOVE: Reflective Poems For All Seasons

By Alda St. James

Life’s journey leads us along many different paths, but there is a common thread that weaves its way throughout our lives. In LISTEN TO LOVE: Reflective Poems for All Seasons, Alda St. James captures this thread, illuminating the breath and scope of the human condition. For as surely as the Seasons change, we may all experience times of emotional extremes, from profound distress to unbridled happiness. In vivid poetic imagery, the author depicts a season of heartbreak, of suffering, of loneliness and rejection. But in jubilant poetic verse, she also describes a season of joy which proclaims the ultimate, triumphant victory of love! These poems never fail to deliver a message, as each one navigates a tiny section of the immense, eternal mysteries of pain and sorrow, of beauty and unexpected grace, of abiding faith and final transcendence. May this book provide all who read it with true peace. May it instill compassion and a sense of belonging, remembering that we participate in the turning of the Seasons altogether, as one human family.